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OzCRW Website Updates & Changes

Date Event Comment
01 Apr 2005 Progress Chart Added This gives an update on what stage each section is at in terms of development. It gives the web surfer an idea on what has happened and what is happening and it gives the webmaster an idea on where each task is at.
22 Mar 2005 Contents Page Added This deserves special mention as it lists ALL pages that exist on this web site. It is a useful tool to get a general idea about what is on this site and where it lives. You can find a link to this at the bottom of every page.
22 Mar 2005 OzCRW Concept Developed One aim is to collect, store, and share information on what has happened in the past. The other is to spread knowledge to assist in the future development of CRW.


Progress of OzCRW Website Development & Navigation Structure

    The following chart shows every page on this website and at what stage of development the pages are at. Its a map for net surfers to know where to search for content on the OzCRW site.     

Page Map Priority First Draft Progress Comment
OzCRW Home Page H Complete Complete
History L Started Pasi to Progress
          Australian CRW History M Advanced More Research Required
                    Oz Teams M Started More Research Required
                    Hall of Fame L Started -
                    Oz CRW Awards L Advanced comprehensive information
                    About the Author L Complete Complete
          World CRW History L Started -
                    NZ History L Started -
          CRW Results & Records M Advanced More Research Required
          World Meets H Advanced Nearing Completion
Equipment H Advanced ideas only
          Aerodynamics L Started -
          CRW Canopies H Advanced ideas only
          Packing H Started ideas only
          Rigging H Started ideas only
Safety & Training M Complete Complete
          Safety H Started -
          Training H Complete Complete
          Emergencies H Complete Complete
          CRW Regulations M Complete Complete
                    APF Op Regs & Sporting Code H Complete Complete
                    FAI Regs & SC M Complete Complete
                    APF Comp Rules H Complete Complete
                    FAI Comp Rules H Complete Complete
Techniques M - -
          Docking Techniques H - -
          Landings H Complete Complete
          Competition Events H Started lots of ideas
                    4 Way Rotations H Advanced Nearing Completion
                    4 Way Sequential H - -
                    8 Way Speed H - -
                    2 Way Sequential H - -
          Large Formations H Complete Complete
          Camera M Complete Complete
          Benefits of CRW M Complete Complete
Competitions M Started Need Psych + Organising
          4 Way Rotations H Complete Complete
          4 Way Sequential H Complete Complete
          8 Way Speed H Complete Complete
          2 Way Sequential H Complete Complete
          CRW Regulations H Complete Link to CRW Regulations Page
Media L - -
          Gallery L - -
          Print Media L - -
          Broadcast Media L - -
Resources L Started Need Ideas & Content
          Links M Advanced More Related Links Req'd
          Glossary A to D M Complete Complete
          Glossary E to P M Complete Complete
          Glossary Q to Z M Complete Complete
OzCRW Table of Contents H Complete Completed Automatically
OzCRW Site Admin M Complete Comprehensive Information
OzCRW Feedback H Complete Functional
OzCRW Search L Complete Functional


  • - - A minus sign means nothing useful has been added. Don't bother looking at these pages.

  • Started - Started brainstorming ideas and adding a structure to the page.

  • Advanced - Worth looking at as lots of information has been added.

  • Complete - Must see sections.

  • Note that all pages are ongoing and that the above words are for the development phase only.

  • H - high priority, must complete. This is compared to our mission statement.

  • M - medium priority, important to work on at some stage.

  • L - low priority, these are a bonus if they get done.

    Note that there is an automatically updated version of this list in the contents section which is linked from the bottom of each page.


    You are encouraged to provide any information related to CRW. Whether it is a correction to existing information, suggestions, video footage, photo's, technical information, etc, it will be more than welcome. Email, fax, mail, or phone your ideas through. There is also a feedback form available on this site.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance. Contributors will receive a mention on the resources page.

Oz CRW Navigation Tips

    The contents page shows all the pages that exist on this web site. It is updated automatically. I thoroughly recommend looking at this first as a general overview of this site. The link is at the bottom of each page.

    The top menu bar is the same level as the page you are viewing. It also links one page up and to the home page. The left menu bar is the level below the one you are viewing. The left menu links to more detailed information about the page you are looking at. These links appear as buttons.

    Pages with a number of sections have a second top menu bar included with words surrounded by square brackets = [  ]. These are links further down the page you are looking at. It saves on a bit of scrolling.

    There are a further two menu bars down the bottom. The first links to the home page, contents page, and feedback & search forms. The lower menu bar does the same job as the left menu bar (links to pages at the same level), as well as linking one level up and to the home page.

    Use the back button, you will need it. 

    There is also a search page. Note that there are between 1 and 4 levels of navigation in each section.

    Please note that many sections are works in progress. Feel free to contribute & stay tuned for updates.


    The intent of this web site is to act as an information resource. It is a collection of my experiences and learning's over a long period of time. I have made every attempt to ensure that the information in this web site is correct. However, I DO NOT guarantee that it is correct. I will not be held responsible if the information is incorrect. I would also like to emphasize the fact that I DO NOT consider myself a "know it all expert" of CRW. I am sharing what I do know, what I have learned, and what I have heard and read throughout the world. I personally believe that I am just a student with a great deal to learn. Practically and theoretically. I also encourage ALL constructive criticism and feedback about anything contained within this website. It is not beneficial to anyone if you think "what an idiot" and don't feed the information back to me. Someone in the world may benefit immensely from your feedback. You may even save their life.

    You should obtain personal instruction from a professional instructor / tutor prior to attempting CRW. This web site by itself is not sufficient preparation for a CRW jump. Note also that CRW can be a dangerous activity. You can get injured or die as a result of your participation in CRW. But the fact is, you could also die playing golf!!!! Given proper instruction, use of compatible equipment, and the right balance of skills and attitude, I think you will be just fine. BUT I DON'T GUARANTEE IT.

    I have tried to include specific information relating to the Australian CRW community as well as some from the USA and French CRW communities. Language barriers and time have prevented inclusion of information from other communities. If people want to contribute anything, feel free to help me out.

    Whenever masculinity is implied (he, him, etc) it is not intended unless specified. Hence, both males and females should consider all information contained herein equally and without prejudice. 

    Apologies for advertisements that appear on this web site. This is currently a voluntary / not for profit website set up on a free server. FYI - It has a 1gig monthly bandwidth limit and 20MB web site limit. This limit is reset every month.


    The majority of material on this site is a brain dump from Tom Begic (Australian CRW competitor) based on his own CRW experiences and communications with various individuals around the world. The remainder has been derived from various other sources including web sites, publications, and commercial enterprises. 

    All media on this web site is copyright by the original owner and MUST NOT be used for any gain without written permission from the original owner. More than likely there are instances where I have breached copyright on this site. If you feel that this site is breaching your copyright, please contact the Webmaster to resolve the issue.

    Any person who wants to use the information contained on this site for the purposes of developing their own CRW skills or to develop the sport of CRW, go for it. Just remember that not all of the information belongs to me. 

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