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Hall of Fame

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Australian CRW Hall of Fame

    There are many people who have contributed to the Australian CRW community in one way or another. There is every chance that some worthy names will be omitted and I apologise for this. If you feel that other people should be added, feel free to email their details and achievements. 

    I have attempted to put some criteria around who is listed here. To make the first cut of this list a person would have a combination of representing Australia at several World Meets and achieved a solid result, held an Australian CRW record, attracted new jumpers to the sport via seminars & other promotional activities, developed CRW training tables, or supported the CRW community over a long period of time via judging, competition, or team management.

Dave McEvoy Early pioneer, world class competitor, competition organiser. A big contribution in the early days and one of the main catalysts for SE QLD CRW success.
Greg "Arnie" Hays World Champion, promoter of CRW, tutor, CRW legend, all-round nice guy.
Andrew "Wendell" Whitten World Champion, promoter of CRW, tutor, coach, technically one of the best I've seen in Australia.
Crooz (Geoff Little, Paul Flipo, John Greig, Chris Fowler, Ross McGee, Brian Scoffell)  The catalyst for a decade of outstanding Australian CRW success on the world stage.
Early Openers (Greg Roberts, Greg Hays, Paul Flipo, Eros Batello, Andrew Preston, Brad Turner, Paul Cohen, Andrew Whitten, David Bailey) WORLD CHAMPIONS. Our ultimate & most successful competitive CRW team.
Early Openers ( ) -
4 Way ?? (Andre Percic, Brent Cameron, Mark Scott, Ian Slight) More medals, silver. Well done.
Wayne McLachlin Aussie teams, photo's, tutoring, and records.
Tom Begic Its my web site, I can put whoever I like in here!!!!  :)
Stephen "Hickey" Hickson Manufacturing CRW specific canopies.
Lindy Rochow-Williams For long term involvement in CRW judging, and for being one of the beautiful ones. Love your work. :)
Crimson Mist (Matt Berens, Ralph Presgrave, Tom Begic, Cameron Cooper, Mitch McMartin, Daryl Davison, Dan Corboy, Rob Douthat, Jaak Saega, Shane Sparkes) Record breakers, National Champions, long term dedication & success in CRW Rotations, giving back to the sport (gear loans, tutoring, seminars), longest serving Australian CRW team, etc.


Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.

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