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FAI Comp Rules

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    There are rules and regulations for CRW safety & training requirements, and for competition & performance requirements.

    In general, most federations adopt the competition rules developed by the FAI, but there may be some local variation. So check the FAI rules for international competitions and your national parachuting federation for local competition, general safety, & training regulations. 

    I have split the rules & regulations as follows:

  1. BASIC CRW COMPETITION RULES. This is the most relevant to competitors. If you want rules about particular competitive disciplines, go to:
  2. GENERAL CRW COMPETITION RULES. This is more relevant to team managers & captains. If you want generic CRW competition rules, videography, judging, etc, go to:
  3. CRW SPECIFIC REGULATIONS - SAFETY & COMPETITION. If you want rules  about training tables, general CRW safety, records, national team selection, etc, go to:
  4. COMPLETE PARACHUTING REGULATIONS. If you want to know the complete regulations relating to parachuting, go to the links on this page:

Australian Parachute Federation (APF)

    The links below will get you to the current complete Operational Regulations and Sporting Code. If you want a CRW specific summary of these, click on the buttons in the left menu.

    If these links are invalid for whatever reason, go to APF Publications, or the APF Website.

Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)

    The FAI Sporting Code deals with three major areas:

  1. organised sporting events such as championships and competitions,
  2. records, 
  3. validation of specified performances for Certificates of Proficiency or badges.

    You may also want to check out the latest rules regarding anti-doping. Go to the World anti-doping Agency for more information.

    If these links are invalid or to check for the latest versions, go to FAI Sporting Code, FAI Parachuting Documents, or the FAI Website.

    To access all FAI Parachuting documents, click me.

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