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    You could conceivably pack your CRW gear just like your regular skydiving gear. But this is not appropriate if you want to maximise the performance and affectiveness of your equipment. Hence the need to discuss both general and specific aspects to packing CRW equipment.

    Your equipment configuration and design will directly impact on your packing technique. Most CRW canopies have the following specific characteristics: tail pocket, bridle retraction system, large leading edge (nose) openings, large toggles and riser grips, and short lines.


Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.

  • minimising damage & wear & tear via good packing techniques
  • suspension lines
  • canopy fabric getting caught in rings & other pinch points
  • lines and fabric rubbing against other things
  • common wear points - how to prolong the life of your gear
  • pilot chute packing for positive & predictable inflation
  • nose exposure
  • centre cell exposure
  • controlling opening shock
  • slider
  • brakes
  • risers in pack tray
  • lines in pack tray
  • tail pocket
  • pilot chute
  • bridle
  • retraction system
  • canopy folds
  • stabilisers
  • suspension lines
  • preventing malfunctions
  • common malfunctions

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