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    How do you choose a coach? There are a number of different theories as to who the best coaches are, what is the best coaching style, and what is the best jumping technique. Some examples over recent years:

  • the Russians are dominating the 4 Way Rotations competitions (and 8 Way Speed to a lessor extent) since 1998. However, they are weaker in 4 Way Sequential. This is due to their style. Speed is absolutely paramount to them (faster, faster, faster) and finesse is a distant fourth. If you don't mind going "balls to the wall" then they might be appropriate. Teams that have been coached by the Russians believe their technique is not the best, but it does produce results. They are the World Champions after all.
  • the French have the best long term track record in 4 Way Sequential. Technique, long term development programs, and jump numbers are components of their secret recipe for success. However, the Americans have started to end that era of domination.
  • some teams believe jump numbers give you performance.
  • some teams believe sports psychology is a valuable part of success.

    When selecting a coach, you need to determine what criteria is important to you. Following is a list of questions or criteria you might apply:

  • excellent communication skills. This becomes more important at higher levels as you need to understand and implement the finer details of technique to advance to elite levels. Communication can be subdivided into:
    • does he speak your language (or you speak his)?
    • can he express exactly what he means in simple terms? Verbal skills!
    • does he have the ability to impart theoretical & practical knowledge?
    • can he detect whether or not you have absorbed the knowledge and experience he is imparting (by reactions, questioning, or action during jumping)?
    • can he motivate & inspire you to achieve your goals? Does he know what your goals are?
    • does he understand the process of setting, measuring, and attaining goals?
    • does he understand the underlying team politics and can he use this information to improve in areas of opportunity?
  • a successful competitive history at national & international level.
  • does he fit into the teams social structure? Especially for longer training camps?
  • does he have the respect of every team member?
  • the ability to be impartial to individual members of a team. He is an outside eye whose measure of success is determined by how successful the whole team becomes, not just its individual members.
  • advanced technical knowledge and a good understanding of all aspects of CRW including: equipment, configuration, safety, aerodynamics & the affects of the controls, team psychology, briefing techniques, ability to detect opportunities for improvement, ability to detect changes in style and performance, etc.
  • jumping style. If you want to win at all costs, then choose the fastest. If safety and technique is more important to you, choose the appropriate coach.
  • cost (coaching fees, travel & accommodation, slot prices, allowed jump routine, etc).
  • location (weather, on call jump aircraft, family/business commitments).


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Contributions & Thank You's

    There are many people who have contributed to this web site. Apologies to those omitted.

  • Tom Begic - OzCRW web site founder and developer. Research, layout, all initial content, webmaster, etc.
  • Greg "Arnie" Hays - for contribution to the Australian CRW community (seminars, competition results, etc).
  • Andrew "Wendell" Whitten - for contribution to the Australian CRW community (seminars, competition results, etc).
  • Fio Antognini & Jim Cowan - for taking myself and Australian CRW Rotations to the next level by imparting an immense amount of practical skill & knowledge.
  • Pasi Pirttikoski - for his efforts in researching & collating international CRW history & sharing that information with this website.
  • Greg Cox - for assisting with information from the APF.
  • Phil Thamm - for supplying photo's and general CRW enthusiasm.
  • Australian Parachute Federation (APF) & its membership - for the support of CRW teams and the discipline in general.
  • Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI).
  • Sponsors of CRW including, Performance Designs, Sunpath Javelin, The Freefall Factory, RMW suits, The Australian Sports Foundation, ASAC, etc.
  • Wendy Faulkner - for feedback about OzCRW and provision of information.

Photo, File, & Document Credits

    Where possible, I have included credits directly on the pages where material from other sources have been used. Otherwise, I have included the credits in the table below. Credits may have been repeated.

What was the Contribution? Who was it Provided by?
Waving flags of the world. 3D Flags Website
Partial List of ACRWC Recipients Greg Cox - Australian Parachute Federation
Photo - top menu bar on each page Phil Thamm
Dive Pool Graphics Andreas Jankowski - German CF Website
CRW Rotations timing sheets concept. Fio Antognini & Jim Cowan.
International CRW Rules Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Australian CRW Rules Australian Parachute Federation

Note that many of the above items have been modified or updated by Tom Begic.


Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.

  • rotations times spreadsheet
  • rotations timing / training sheet + explanations
  • a complete data analysis sheet for rotations - all variables & how to record and analyse the data
  • dive pool generator ?????
  • dive pools
  • calculators (wing loading, etc) - absolute, weight required to balance, etc
  • incident report form - CRW specific
  • information sheet for organisers of CRW events


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