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Equipment Inspection Checklists

    These checklists are geared towards CRW parachutists inspecting their gear themselves. If you are ever unsure about your equipment, ask other people for advice. In particular, you should talk to a qualified rigger who has CRW experience. It is extremely important to maintain your gear properly and to ensure that it is configured correctly.

    For the sake of simplicity, the main is considered to include everything from the main risers to the pilot chute. The harness & container is everything else, including the reserve.

Inspection Checklist - Main Canopy

Item Comment + What to Look For Condition
Pilot Chute Material, mesh, handle, etc.
Bridle & Pin
Bridle Attachment
Pilot Chute Retraction System
Canopy Leading edge reinforcement, stabilisers, fabric strength & condition, 
Tail Pocket
Suspension Lines & Attachments Line trim, condition (furry), cascades, canopy/line attachment points, connector link loops,
Brake Lines
Connector Links & Slider Stops
Risers Compatibility with harness and toggles. Loops, rings, grommets, webbing.
Maximum Suspended Weight
  • Type
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial Number

Inspection Checklist - Harness / Container

Item Comment + What to Look For Condition
General condition & appearance.
  • pilot chute
  • ripcord pull force
  • pilot chute spring compression
  • freebag
  • brake installation
Fabric, stitching, 
Consumable materials. Velcro, rubber bands, 
Hardware. Three ring, cutaway cable housing, hip ring, chest ring, chest buckle, leg strap buckle.
Harness Webbing. Stitching, security,
AAD Installation & serviceability.
RSL Disconnected as well as installation & routing.
Pilot Chute Pouch
Reserve Ripcord Check for condition & security.

    Note that we have excluded a detailed reserve canopy checklist here as it is the function of a qualified Packer A to do so.


Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.

  • required rigging knowledge for CRW jumpers
  • equipment checklists
  • replacement of consumables
  • line replacements & modifications - bridle & suspension lines
  • altering brake settings
  • altering bridle length
  • sorting out step throughs
  • canopy damage
  • basic / common knots

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