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    Heaps more info in the Australian History, CRW results, and World Meets sections.

More info to be added here soon.


Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.


  • stages in progression of canopy disciplines

    • rounds

    • squares

    • accuracy competitions popular - especially by military organisations

    • compatibility & docility of early squares means most people can get together after a freefall descent at lower altitudes with minimal risk

    • early parachutists are encouraged to learn how to fly canopies

    • refinement of skydiving canopies used for CRW

    • CRW becomes its own parachuting discipline in 1980

    • development of CRW specific canopies

    • many nations want to participate in this new discipline

    • Asian parachuting fraternity & military organisations sponsor teams

    • downsizing of general skydiving canopies = reduction in post freefall CRW

    • CRW popularity diminishes

      • high performance small canopies become popular

      • parachutists skill level becomes insufficient to safely perform lower level post freefall CRW

      • mass marketing of skydiving & AFF freefall progression at expense of parachuting

      • skydiving industry emphasize freefall as it takes less time to push students through

      • "extreme" generation enters the sport - they are after the rush and not flying

      • requirement for equipment compatibility - its easier to slap a freefall jump together

    • resurgence in CRW interest due to formation camps, hybrid canopies, and a developing interest in flying

    • second era of CRW decline

      • first generation of CRW parachutists moves towards retirement

      • world level competition dominated by the superpowers (France, Russia, USA)

      • contemporary parachuting popularity is focused on swooping

    • Where to from here?

      • make it easier for people to get teams together and to compete - 2 Way Sequential will alleviate this a little

      • slipstream the swooping craze - perhaps a "merger" of the disciplines


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