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Benefits of CRW

     There are many different aspects to CRW. Whilst there are techniques and skills that are common to all of them, there are also many differences. For example, the docking technique for a highly competitive rotations team may be vastly different to that of a wing docker on a large formation. The engineering technique of dives (canopies and parachutists) can vary greatly too. For example, you can almost get any two canopies together to build a stack, but compatibility becomes critical when building larger offset formations.

     Skills such as landings are obviously relevant on every jump.

     This section discusses various sub-discipline within CRW.


    Spotting is a task undertaken by one team member (usually a member of the base). It is an important skill in CRW as the risk of off drop zone landings is greater than on standard freefall jumps.

    There are a few cardinal rules that you should maintain focus on, and a number of variables that requires decision making. The cardinal rules are mainly related to etiquette and landing back on the drop zone. They are:

  • obey local air traffic rules. You must take into consideration the circuit patterns of other aviation users, flight directly above runways and taxi areas, compulsory NO GO landing zones (such as hostile land owners and high risk areas (power & sewerage plants)), etc.

  • consider other parachuting disciplines and where they will be exiting, especially if there is a multiple aircraft operation.

Following are notes & other ideas relevant to this section that require further development. Please ignore.


    First exposure was with Lyall Wadell from the Canadian sequential team whilst he was coaching Crimson Mist at the 1999/2000 Australian Nationals.

    Information on how each of the formations fly relative to a base characteristic (such as one canopy at full drive).


  • flying characteristics of each formation
  • turbulence
section on CRW on display jumps

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