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    Following is a comprehensive list of organisations and web sites related to CRW, parachuting, and aviation.

National Parachuting & Aviation Organisations

    Where possible, I have listed links for each country as follows:


North America



Asia / Oceania

South & Central America


  • Middle East

  • Military Organisations & Competitions

International Parachuting & Aviation Organisations

CRW Equipment Manufacturers & Rigging Services

Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment Suppliers & Retailers

Rigging Services - Australia

Rigging Services - International

  • Poynter's Manual - Dan Poynter - Para Publishing

CRW Web Sites

CRW Chat Forums

CRW Team Websites

CRW Events

CRW Media / Photo's / Video

CRW Friendly Publications

CRW Friendly Drop Zones - Places to Learn & Participate

    Note: this is a list of drop zones that are proactive with CRW. They either run seminars, have tutors available to teach CRW, have teams train there on a regular basis, etc. Most drop zones will allow CRW to occur but many do not have the resources or desire to actively promote it.

Australia - APF Club & DZ Information - APF Club & DZ Web Sites



North America

  • Skydive Arizona - Eloy, Arizona, USA
  • Quantum Leap Skydiving - Sullivan, Missouri, USA
  • Lake Wales, Florida, USA
  • Perris, California, USA

CRW / Parachuting Calendars & Events


Skydiving & Parachuting Websites



General Canopy Handling Websites

Aviation & Aviation Sports Websites



Aerodynamics & Flight Principles


Weather & Meteorology




Lists of Links - These are link pages of other web sites

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