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Australian Canopy Relative Work

    Welcome to the Oz CRW (Australian Canopy Relative Work) web site. This site was developed specifically for the Australian CRW community, but contains information relevant to CRW jumpers around the world.

Basic Content & Navigation

    The site contains technical & competition information, graphs & charts, historical data, tips & techniques, a hall of fame, a comprehensive list of links, world meet results & locations, glossary of terms, photo's & video's, etc.

    I strongly suggest checking out the site admin page the first time you enter this site. It lists all the pages on this site and what stage of completion each page is at. The contents page is an automatically updated list of every page on this site. The link is at the bottom of every page. Alternatively, click here for site navigation tips.


    Over the next few months, I would like to fill in all the gaps in this website and will need the support of as much of the CRW community as possible (both local & international). Feel free to provide ANY information, video, photo's, technical corrections & suggestions, etc. Planned completion is unknown. This is an ongoing project of love. There is lots of information now and diagrams & photo's will be added later.

OzCRW Mission

This web site was developed for several reasons:

  • To capture & share the knowledge that exists within the international CRW community and to make that information easily accessible to everyone around the world. 
  • To increase the quality and number of CRW jumpers in Australia and around the world. We would also like to increase the number of competitive teams at regional and international level, and reduce the gap between the top & second tier teams at all levels of competitions.
  • To promote CRW to all skydiving enthusiasts and society in general.
  • To advance the sport of CRW - CF.

What is CRW?

    CRW (pronounced CReW) is the activity of intentionally flying parachutes in close proximity to or in contact with one another during flight. Competitive CRW is officially known as Canopy Formation (CF) parachuting. The most basic manoeuvre in CRW is the 2 Way stack.

    Whilst every aerial activity has its own level of excitement, CRW is considered one of the most exhilarating. Why? You get more air time on each jump, you can actually talk to each other whilst doing CRW, you can either push the limits of canopy control or finesse your way into magical formations and transitions, it gives better visuals for spectators, it is a truly 3D activity, and you learn much more about flying your parachute than in any other discipline.

OzCRW Website Updates

  • 2005 - 01 April              The progress of the development of each page is shown  on the site admin page.
  • 2005 - 22 March            An updated list of every page on this website is available in the contents page.
  • 2005 - 22 March            OzCRW website is established.

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